Climate Action Partnership

On behalf of climate protection!

Welcome to CAP, the Climate Action Partnership of the European Technology Chamber.

We aim to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hereby focus on battling Climate Change.

To reach this goal we are offering a service to measure, reduce and compensate CO2 emissions on our matching platform.

Subsequently we assist you in communicating your achivement in emission reduction as well as your progress in reaching company-specific SDGs.

Vision of EUTEC

Technology obliges.

The European Technology Chamber is a registered non-governmental organization, which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and mankind.

Our Mission

Supporting the use of European technology to reach the sustainability goals (SDGs) of the UN around the world and reduce emissions that contribute to Climate Change.

Our Goal

Stop emissions through European technology as part of the Green Deal.

To achieve this goal we and our Tech Partners embark on the Journey to reach the SDGs, at home in Europe but also where they have the greatest impact and are most needed: The developing countries!


Why we have to act now

Climate change is at the forefront of more and more people’s minds. And rightly so: it is progressing menacingly quickly, is becoming increasingly noticeable and affects all of us.

The fatal effects are already bitter reality in many regions.

    Matching Platform

    Our matching platforming is under construction.

    Do you want to know more about climate protection? If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, please get in touch.